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From the Runway to the Table

From the Runway to the Table

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Who says fashion and food aren’t related? Check out these runway-inspired wedding moments

Spring 2012 and Resort 2013: Marchesa, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta.

Get ready, get set, because couture isn’t just for the runway anymore. Designers like McQueen, Pucci, and Givenchy are heading to the wedding world — with more than wedding dresses.

Everything from wedding cakes and table runners to dessert bars, fabrics, prints, colors, and textures are being modeled after some truly original looks that have graced the Spring 2012 runways.

The creative world really is your oyster, and pulling inspiration from fashion has never been more embraced. With the help of social media sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and, these added embellishments have popped up everywhere.

Need some help getting started? Oscar de la Renta’s brightly hued gingham dresses can be incorporated into everything from serving ware to tablecloths. And The Great Gatbsy-esque fringe that swept many designers’ shows, like Marchesa and Ralph Lauren, is bordering tiered cakes and topping tables in the form of tassels and garlands. The thick eyelet collared shifts that Marc Jacobs continues to win praise for are popping up in dessert tables piled high with pastel-colored macarons towers, which took a cue from McQueen’s under the sea-colored masterpieces.

And that is just the beginning — more fashion that continues to grace the catwalk is making some serious trendsetting moments at weddings across the country. Stay tuned for more trends throughout the summer here at The Daily Meal.

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