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Eggs painted in onion peels

Eggs painted in onion peels

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For years they have been painting eggs in onion peels, they do not stain their hands and they are without chemicals.

  • 30 fresh eggs
  • a 5 liter bowl
  • a sock
  • a little bacon
  • red onion peels
  • the water
  • vinegar

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Eggs painted in onion peels:

She washes eggs.

Put the eggshells in the bowl and cover them with water, put 5 tablespoons of vinegar to fix the color, leave for 20 minutes and in the meantime arrange the eggs in the sock.

We place leaves on each egg and put it in the sock and tie the sock tightly with thread. We put the shells on the fire and we put the socks with eggs, after the water starts to boil we leave it for another 10 minutes and then we take the eggs out with bacon for gloss.

That's how I like it the most and I recommend this way of painting.

Good appetite !!!

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It is good to paint eggs from the country if we can because they are much tastier.

Eggs painted in red onion peels

Eggs painted in red onion leaves & # 8211 RECIPE BOOK Fruit, Vegetables, Recipes. Last year I was more diligent and painted eggs for Easter in May. HOW DO WE PAINT OLIVE SHEET POTS? Old recipes - eggs painted in red onion leaves. Easter, where else do you say it's 100% natural and. Naturally painted red eggs with onion leaves. An old recipe from grandma's time, which is still appreciated today and followed by those who want to decorate the Easter table with both red eggs and. I painted eggs with onion peels for Easter and Ascension, and they always came out very well. How to make naturally painted eggs for Easter and Ascension. Goodwill and naturally painted red eggs with onion peels Yes.

Before about 12 hours, remove the dried leaves from each onion, put them in a black Teflon bowl and leave them in the fridge until evening. This year I went back to the traditional egg painting recipe. I remember from childhood how my mother painted eggs. Apple Eggs Tomatoes Painted Naturally in onion peels with leaf patterns. How to use onion peels as a natural dye for Easter eggs.

Go to How to make naturally painted red eggs with onion peels & # 8211 You can prepare red eggs using red onion peels. Naturally painted eggs Photo: Adevărul.

Recipe eggs painted with onion peels

How to use onion peels as a natural dye for Easter eggs. Naturally painted eggs Photo: Adevărul. I couldn't help but come with my eggs painted in red onion peels, right? Last year I was more diligent and painted eggs in Easter. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Painting eggs in onion peels & # 8211 Duration: 6:42.

Put the onion peels and water in a half-full saucepan. Add the eggs and cover with foil.

Eggs painted with onion peel

When I think of the Easter holidays as a child, I remember that they were not missing from the table. eggs painted with onion peel. And I also remember how I marveled at the whole process.
Now that I'm older, I know how to do it on my own eggs painted with onion peel.
Gather onion peels in advance, if you want you can add red onion leaves.
Now, let's see how to do it eggs painted with onion peel.

  • To better catch the paint you can use white eggs, but I use normal homemade eggs, and it works well anyway.
  • I washed the eggs well with a sponge and a little dish detergent to degrease them and to catch the paint better.
  • For decoration we have gathered from the garden some leaves, parsley, clover, dandelion and mouse tail, but you can put any other leaves, or you can skip the decoration phase and make them without leaves, put them in the pot after you have them. cleaned up.
  • If you still want to decorate them, then I recommend using a tights, to put them in it and keep the leaves while it boils.

  • Tie the tights between each egg with string, because otherwise they might run away and the pattern does not come out.
  • Place the onion peels in the pot and let them boil.
  • After the shells have boiled, pour the colored water over the eggs and let them boil.
  • Boil eggs directly in this colored water, do not boil before. The cooking time is 10 minutes.
  • After you have boiled them, take each egg out of the dressing and let them cool on a napkin.
  • To give them a nice shine, grease them when they are cooled with a napkin and oil or with a piece of bacon.
  • Put beautiful eggs in the basket, take a picture for Instagram if you want to brag about your eggs and you can enjoy natural and cute eggs.

Even if I had a period in which I colored eggs in 3.4 colors and we consider them the most wonderful, at this moment I honestly tell you that I love to paint eggs in onion peels because I think melancholy about my grandmother, on holidays simple and full of light. It gives me great pleasure to paint them like this and it relaxes me and my soul enjoys this ritual. I want to pass on this habit to my children when the time comes and make them enjoy the simple and natural things.

Eggs painted with onion peels

the ones with onion peel look great, that's what I do every year, the lesson from my mother.

Silvia Cavaleru, April 14, 2015

The easiest, most beautiful and healthy method.

Monica Calin, March 31, 2015

Romeo Furdui, April 18, 2014

And I make them only in onion peels, today on Good Friday, it was the custom in Transylvania to paint eggs, this year I will make them with leaves.

Mariana Mardare, April 17, 2014

And I make them only in onion peels, today on Good Friday, it was the custom in Transylvania to paint eggs, this year I will make them with leaves.

Magda Budeanu, April 17, 2014

Ana-Maria Burov, April 15, 2014

I have been making such colorful Easter eggs since I was little, I learned from MOTHER and I think I passed them on to my children, now my grandchildren are coming.

Mihaela Michela, April 15, 2014

I'm ready with everything you need!

burdulea maria elena (Chef de cuisine), January 27, 2013

Very beautiful, I paint them the same way, with onion peels.

Lia Maria (Chef), April 28, 2011

Very beautiful, congratulations! Offffff! where are you childhood that's how my mother and I painted them.

Mihaela11 (Chef), April 24, 2011

Very beautiful! ***** Really resurrected! Happy Holidays and may God give you a rainbow at every storm, a smile at every tear, a blessing at every step, a promise at every care and an answer to every question!

Old recipes - eggs painted in red onion leaves

Once upon a time, our grandmothers did not use dyes to buy to paint Easter eggs, but different plants for each color. The process was similar to dyeing wool. In my family, that's how I painted Easter eggs, where you say it's 100% natural and looks beautiful. The color red can be most easily obtained from dried red onion peels.

Recipe at a glance:

What do you need:

  • Red onion peels
  • Socks (nylon), square cut
  • Decoration leaves (eg curly or normal parsley, ivy, larch, dandelion, any other beautiful leaves found in the garden)
  • eggs, obviously

It is preferable to use white and smooth eggs on the shell, on which the paint sticks better and the contrast will be higher.

Peel the eggs and wipe well.
Take a decorative leaf, fix it on the egg, stretch it and tighten the sock well around the egg and tie it with string. The eggs thus tied are put in the pot in which the red onion leaves are already boiling and left to boil for about 15 minutes (a spoonful of vinegar can be added to the pot to fix the color, but I didn't use it, I don't think it was necessary).

As a benchmark, I had peels gathered from about 2 kg of onions and painted 30 eggs, but they could still be used.
When we think they are cooked, take out the eggs with a spoon, cut the sock and carefully remove the greens.

Mosaic eggs painted with onion peels

I couldn't bear not to do these too Mosaic eggs painted with onion peels. Last week for Catholic Easter, I made Eggs painted in a napkin and now I have experimented with this method as well. In the past years I also tried the method of painting with rice.

I also painted the eggs with onion peels and they turned out beautiful, only in that method you had to wrap each egg in several layers of onion peels and then tie them in a sock, gauze, & # 8230.

This time the method is much simpler as you will see in the stories below.

Mosaic eggs painted with onion peels & # 8211 Necessary

5 eggs
shredded white onion peels with scissors or food processor (does not have to be very small)
1-2 knife tips Wilton gel food coloring (or 1 sachet of green liquid paint)
2 tablespoons vinegar of 9 degrees
5 squares of gauze in which we tie eggs (15x15cm)
thin elastic or thread
oil, or bacon for gloss

Mosaic eggs painted with onion peels & # 8211 Painting method

First we wash the eggs and degrease them with a little dish detergent. We chop the onion peels either with scissors or with the help of a food processor or coffee grinders.

We must be careful not to grind it too small.
In a bowl we put a little water, and in another bowl we put the chopped shells.
We cut the typhoon into squares with the size of 15x15cm.

We moisten the eggs in the water from the bowl, then we roll them through the chopped onion peels.

Mosaic eggs painted with onion peels ….

We place the eggs given by shells on the gauze, if necessary we sprinkle the shells in the areas where the egg did not catch well, we carefully squeeze the gauze on the egg, we twist it to be as tight as possible and finally it is tied with an elastic or thread does not unravel.

Cut a little from the gauze so that it doesn't hang too much and so packed eggs are put in a pot of cold water in which we will put 1 good tip, even 2 knife tips of Wilton gel food coloring knife (or 1 sachet of liquid paint for eggs) and 2 tablespoons of vinegar of 9 degrees.

Bring the pot to a boil and when it starts to boil, let the flame simmer for 15 minutes.
Remove the eggs on paper napkins, unwrap the gauze and the egg, wash by hand under running water.

Wipe with paper towels and grease with oil or bacon to give them shine.

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