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Banana cake with melon

Banana cake with melon

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Countertop preparation:

Beat the eggs, along with the sugar and lemon peel, until the sugar melts.

Gradually put the oil over the beaten eggs.

The flour is mixed with baking powder and incorporated into the rest of the composition, stirring from the bottom up.

Put a little oil on a board and spread a sheet to fit in the tray.

Put baking paper in the tray and put the countertop sheet, I rolled it on the tray to put it in the tray.

The dough is pricked from place to place and put on the last row in the oven over low heat.

Make the test with the toothpick, before removing the top from the oven, and let it cool.

Preparation of the syrup.

Put water with sugar and vanilla sugar to boil.

When it starts to boil, add the lemon juice, turn off the heat and let it cool.

When it has cooled, place it over the cold countertop, the countertop has been removed from the baking paper but placed back in the tray.

Cream preparation:

Bananas and melons are cleaned and put on the mincer.

Mix with lemon juice and sugar.

The jelly and gelatin are prepared according to the instructions on the package and then pour, little by little, over the watermelon and bananas.

The composition is cooled until it starts to set.

Meanwhile, beat the sweet cream with the dirt until it starts to thicken and then pour the whipping cream hardener.

Sweet cream beaten well, it must be quite hard, pour over the fruit mixture with gelatin and so I made the cream.

The cake is assembled in the tray in which I baked the top.

Pour the cream over the syrupy sheet and level.

Leave it in the fridge overnight and the next day cut it as you wish.

Good appetite!

Ingredient Melon Ice Cream

  • 500 grams of peeled watermelon and seeds
  • 150 grams of yogurt
  • 100 grams of cream for whipping cream (you can replace the amount of cream with yogurt, for an ice cream with fewer calories, but using cream will get a much finer texture)
  • 3 tablespoons acacia honey (if you don't like honey you can sweeten it with powdered sugar or your favorite sweetener)
  • lemon juice
  • optional: 1 teaspoon of orange blossom water

Preparation of Melon Ice Cream

Here is the protagonist of our melon ice cream recipe:

1. Weigh the watermelon. Depending on its weight, you will see if you need to peel it all or half of it. Watermelon peeled and peeled cut into cubes and put in a bowl.

2. The watermelon cubes are finely mashed using a blender. Any blender, I used the hand blender but the operation is just as good as a classic blender or food processor.

3. Add yogurt, cream, honey, sweetener or sugar to taste over the melon puree. If you use sugar, dissolve it completely in yogurt. Keep in mind that the sweet feeling is much weaker in the case of very cold foods. Add lemon juice and orange blossom water, if using.

4. Homogenize everything perfectly and this will be the basic cream for melon ice cream.

Freezing the cream

5. If you use the ice cream maker, pour the melon ice cream base cream into the appliance bowl after the engine has been started. Please note that the appliance bowl must have been in the freezer for at least 12 hours.

Within 20-25 minutes, the ice cream will be ready, in the semi-cold stage. If you want, you can serve it like this, especially for children or for those who suffer from dental neuralgia. If you want a well-hardened ice cream, pour the semi-frozen cream into a bowl or box with a lid and put it in the freezer for half an hour to an hour.

6. If you do not have an ice cream maker, after you have finished with step 4 described above, pour the cream into a bowl with a lid and put it in the freezer. Every 30 minutes, stir vigorously in the bowl (with the mixer it is very good). Cover well and put in the freezer until the melon ice cream is done. Frequent mixing has the role of preventing the formation of ice crystals in the composition.

Once the ice cream has hardened well, it can be tasted immediately or stored in the freezer until a suitable occasion.


I dug with a cup of ice cream small globes from the pulp of the remaining half of the melon.

I arranged the ice cream in well-cooled cups, beforehand, in the fridge, alternating the ice cream balls with the melon ones. It's one of the most delicious and refreshing fruit ice cream recipes!


I just want to tell you that as soon as I ruthlessly stuck the knife in the cantaloupe watermelon, I remembered that someone else had made a watermelon ice cream, very recently. And not only did he make a melon ice cream, but he also launched a wonderful ice cream recipe contest. You can read about all this on Catalina's blog.

Banana peels, melon seeds and onion leaves can be eaten

Banana peel can be eaten

From banana peels to watermelon seeds, a large amount of food, absolutely consumable and full of nutrients, is thrown away.



Chef Aldo Zili proposes in the Daily Mail some recipes based on such 'waste'.

Banana peels are rich in serotonin - the hormone of happiness - and lutein, which helps protect the eyes from cataracts. In order to be consumed, they must be kept in water for a few days. The water is changed daily until it remains clean. Then the shells are boiled and a puree is made which can be used for a cheesecake.

Melon seeds can be put in salad, as a crunchy element. Thoroughly washed, fry for a few minutes in oil, salt and add to salad.

Onion peels have important antioxidant virtues, so instead of being thrown away, they can be put in soups or stews, which will gain extra flavor. However, it must be removed before the food is placed on the plate.

Baby puree with banana and melon & # 8211 a recipe full of vitamins

Baby puree with banana and melon

Watermelon can be introduced into the baby's diet from 6-8 months.

It is a sweet fruit, cool and rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and beta & # 8211 carotene.

Ingredients puree for babies with banana and melon

Method of preparation

The melon is cut in half, the inside is cleaned and sliced.

Only a slice of watermelon is used for this puree.

Peel a banana and grate it with a fork.

Mix well and serve the baby's puree.

0.Ingredient 1. clean the banana 2. clean the watermelon 3. the banana is passed 4. the watermelon is scraped 5. Mix well 6. Banana puree with melon

How to prepare melon jam

Romanians eat a lot of watermelon because it is tasty and cool. Especially now, in summer, when temperatures often exceed 30 degrees, watermelons are cheap. But, throw away the shells, although they could make a fabulously tasty jam to eat when they feel like something sweet or use it for cakes.


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